Wind, Tides, Weather and more

integrated weather and charts

Everything you need for your marine journey in one simple place.

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Experience onnav RealCharts™

Make reading navigation charts easy with our custom designed realCharts with full integrated weather.

sleep well

anchor alert®

Our Anchor Alert® technology allows remote anchor monitoring and will send you weather warnings, text messages, email or trigger an onboard audible alarm.

No wires needed

Bluetooth solar powered Wind Meter

Get an ultraportable bluetooth solar powered wind meter.

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Night Mode

onNAV nightCHARTS show real locations of buoy lights in breathtaking simplicity.

Weather Alerts


Get alerts and track severe weather, tropical storms and hurricanes.

integrated sea levels


Offline tide data and schedules ensure you find the best anchorage, or your safe passage.

Ocean Data

Waves and current

Track current direct, wave height and more all integrated in with your navigation charts.

wifi and cell not needed

offline mode

Offline maps, charts and route modes allow you to venture away from cell and wifi service.