Keep overwatch of wind, weather, and your boats location at anchor and at sea.


An anchor alarm plus so much more.

Everything you need at your fingertips. An easy weather forecast, wind and tides charts for your anchorage as well as an anchor alarm that will let you sleep confidently.

Anchor Alarm

Anchor Drag Alarm.


Track storms coming your way with live weather radar.


Monitor the tides where your fishing or are anchored.

Remote Alerts

Get an alert if you boat anchor drags or if a lightning storm is heading your way.


Anchor Alert iWatch App

Get the ultimate anchor drag app for your iPhone, iPad and iWatch now.


Add our Bluetooth NMEA hardware bridge to with your boats GPS or our custom Bluetooth high definition GNSS system.

Don’t rely on your phones or internal GPS, use our external GPS / GNSS system to make your tables navigation rock solid!


Everything you need
in one place.

Sleep at anchor with confidence with a single command console integrated with multiple boat navigation systems in one clean easy to view dashboard.

Link with external GPS

Get the best GPS accuracy on your phone and tablet. Compatible with Navionics

An external GPS will make your accuracy more reliable than your phone / tablet

Add Wind Direction

Add our ultrasonic anemometer for onboard wind direction and strength

Portable wind meter installs in minutes

NMEA Bridge

Add our NMEA 183 / 2000 gateway and your app track your onboard sensors.

NMEA Bluetooth Bridge

Wind Integration

Integrate a IPX8 pocket-sized self powered bluetooth ULTRASONIC windmeter to get accurate true and apparent wind.

No wires needed our solar powered anemometer can last 29 days without seeing the sun.


Day Weather Forecast


Compatible NMEA Devices


Regional Weather Stations


Star Support


Complete awareness of your surroundings.

The onNAV Marine application provides a single command console to view, weather, wind, ship systems, anchorage, and monitor your boats position while sleeping, or ashore.


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with onNAV Anchor Alert.

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