Calypso Ultrasonic Wind meter mounting aluminum Pole - 33 cm


This Aluminum Pole consists of 3 parts: base, top and pole (Parts come together, no installation needed).

Base compatible with standard VHF antenna mounts. 

1"-14 UNS thread (Ø 20 drill to allow wiring).

VHF antenna mount not included. Get your antenna mount on your preferred marine shop depending on your mount need and / or material (plastic, stainless steel):

  • Flat surface.

  • Horizontal bar.

  • Vertical bar.

  • Tilted bar.

  • Mast.

Top made it to fit Ultrasonic.

M16x 1.5 aluminum male thread (Ø 20 drill to allow wiring).

Inside         23 mm.

Outside      25 mm.

Thickness   1 mm.

Material     Aluminum

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